1. Aim


The aim of the Pears HF DX Contest is to encourage Southern African radio amateurs to work DX.


2. Contest Period


Sunday 25 October 2020 starting at 12:00 UTC and ending at 16:00 UTC.


3. Modes and Frequencies

SSB, CW and Digital (PSK and RTTY only) with activity on 20, 15 and 10 metres


4. Entrance Categories

4.1 Single Operator, Base or Field Station

4.2 Multi Operator, Base or Field station


5. Station Requirements

Stations may use the maximum power permitted according to the regulations in the country of operation.


6. Points

6.1 One point is earned for each QSO. A station may be contacted once on each contest band

6.2 Field stations must multiply their score by two (2) and a further multiplier of two (2) is available if the station uses a non-gain antenna with reference to a dipole. Then the score is multiplied by the number of countries contacted


7. Exchange

Call sign and CQ Zone.


8. Logs

Log sheets must be submitted by 18 November 2019 by e-mail to contest[at] or to the Port Elizabeth Amateur Radio Society, PO Box 10402, Linton Grange, Port Elizabeth, 6015. No late submissions will be considered. Should more than three logs be received per category, a certificate will be awarded to the winner in each category.