EP Vintage Car Club - Motor festival  - 3 December 2011




CQ Hou Koers - 15 October 2011  - Despatch Voortrekkers

Some of the youngsters being assessed


Time to get on the air...


ZS2XD's homebrew HF Dipole


Another young voice on the air


Some of the handhelds in use on the day


...and the whole team of Voortrekkers, and helpers ZS2ACG, ZS2EHB, ZS2XD and ZS2HD (front L to R)



Garden Route Rally - Knysna - 26-27 August 2011

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Operator Schedule.xls 29kb
Overview of stages.doc 101kb
GPS Locations GR final.xls 22kb
Garmin Stages day 1.gdb 263kb
Garmin Stages day 2.gdb 326kb


Final operator allocations were:


Position Driver Contact No. Operator Name
Clerk 1 Michael Vroomen O83 280 7007 ZS2WG Wolf
Clerk 2 Joe Fourie O83 428 1888 ZS2RA Richard
Marshal 1 Willie Zietsman O83 655 0191  ZR2JH Jacques
Marshal 2 Adrian Briel O82 490 4998 ZS2NT Nick
Medic Rolf Schana O82 550 5505 ZS2ABZ Bill
Control  -  - ZR2TX
ZERO Frans Jooste O83 271 4048 ZS2Q Otto
Equipment Ludwig Zietsman O83 611 2067 ZU2MAT Matthew



Friday GPS Coordinates Stage Starts Place Operator
SSS1 S33 59.210 E22 29.984 12h11 Destiny Africa ZR2FM
ESS1 S33 59.983 E22 30.723 12h11 Destiny Africa ZS2ECH, ZS2IW
SSS2 S33 54.695 E22 40.406 13h02 MTO Bergplaas 1 ZS2AG
ESS2 S33 53.828 E22 40.615 13h02 MTO Bergplaas 1 ZS2JO
SSS3 S33 53.805 E22 41.826 13h43 Beervlei 1 ZS2BK, ZS2XD
ESS3 S33 53.837 E22 41.832 13h43 Beervlei 1 ZS2BK, ZS2XD
SSS4 S33 54.844 E22 50.063 15h20 MTO Karatara 1 ZR2JDV
ESS4 S33 53.355 E22 52.352 15h20 MTO Karatara 1 ZS2RL
SSS5 S34 02.224 E23 03.052 17h50 Knsyna ZR2FM
ESS5 S34 02.382 E23 02.941 17h50 Knysna ZS2ECH, ZS2IW
Saturday GPS Coordinates Stage Starts Place Operator
SSS6 S34 00.985 E23 05.769 08h21 MTO Concordia 1 ZR2FMG
ESS6 S34 00.189 E23 02.697 08h21 MTO Concordia 1 ZS2JO
SSS7 S33 54.844 E22 50.063 09h25 MTO Karatara 2 ZS2AG
ESS7 S33 53.355 E22 52.352 09h25 MTO Karatara 2 ZS2RL
SSS8 S33 54.695 E22 40.406 11h36 MTO Bergplaas 2 ZS2BK, ZS2XD
ESS8 S33 53.828 E22 40.615 11h36 MTO Bergplaas 2 ZS2BK, ZS2XD
SSS9 S33 53.805 E22 41.826 12h17 Beervlei 2 ZR2JDV
ESS9 S33 53.837 E22 41.832 12h17 Beervlei 2 ZS2ECH, ZS2IW
SSS10 S34 00.985 E23 05.769 14h30 MTO Concordia 2 ZR2FM
ESS10 S34 00.189 E23 02.697 14h30 MTO Concordia 2 ZS2JO



Stages on Friday


Stages on Saturday



Lighthouse Weekend - 20-21 August 2011

Donkin Lighthouse - George, ZS2E adjusts an antenna

Donkin Lighthouse - George, ZS2E, Terry ZS2ABB and Al, ZS2U in attendance

Pics supplied by STONE’S STUDIO - Please contact Karel Stone ZR2KKK at 082-946-2506




Trans-Baviaans MTB race - 13-14 August 2011



Checkpoint 02

Checkpoint 02 - UHF Digipeater Dipole and HF Dipole up top




Checkpoint 02 - Radio equipment and Digi-on-a-pole


Checkpoint 02 - Nick, ZS2NT in "relaxed operating mode"


Checkpoint 02 - Richard ZS2RA sizes up the catering pots


Checkpoint 02 - Competitor boxes being unpacked


Checkpoint 02 - Cyclists arrive


Checkpoint 02 - Plenty of activity




Checkpoint 03

Checkpoint 03 - ZS2ECH and ZS2G


Checkpoint 03 - the mudhole that ZS2GV spent the day pulling people out of




Control / Checkpoint 04

The braai master at Control/CP04 - Colin ZR2CRS


Control - the packing shed at CP04 in calm and quiet...




The "control ladies" busy at it again!


..while the experienced Checkpoint op relaxes in the sun with his XYL


Our youngest-ever Control Op - Matt, ZU2MAT, and dad Tony, ZR2TX manning the control station


Checkpoint 4 - then they started to arrive to a warm welcome


Checkpoint 4 - ...and so did the queries...  "any idea where my family is...?"


Checkpoint 4 - nightfall came, and along with it, the temperature also fell...


ZS2AAW monitors activity from Winston's Caravan camp, near Addo..



[more pics top be posted as and when received....]




This event route was changed due to heavy rains making the kloof impassable...

It followed this route:


Final allocations:

Name Callsign Position Co-ordinates Phone Number
Tony          ZR2TX          Patensie Control S 33 45 19.0  E 24 39 59.7 O82 956 2920
Mathew ZU2MAT Patensie Control S 33 45 19.0  E 24 39 59.7 O83 310 9074
Patsy ZR2PTY Patensie Control S 33 45 19.0  E 24 39 59.7 O82 513 9493
Llise ZR2LLD Patensie Control S 33 45 19.0  E 24 39 59.7 O76 282 3953
Colin ZR2CRS Finish - Kabeljous S 34 00 46.3 E 24 55 41.9 O82 376 3842
Johannes ZS2JO CP 5 - Zuurbron  S 33 54 05.9  E 24 49 46.3 O82 320 3032
Beavan ZS2RL CP 4 - Mimosa S 33 44 33.7 E 24 45 11.5 O82 837 1659
Glen ZS2GV Top of Ridge - Repeater S 33 37 13.2  E 24 43 53.1 O82 411 2743
Eric ZS2ECH CP 3 - De Doorns S 33 36 22.7 E 24 42 13.0 O72 841 4693
Isolda ZS2IW CP 3 - De Doorns S 33 36 22.7 E 24 42 13.0 O82 895 1130
Andrew ZS2G CP 3 - De Doorns S 33 36 22.7 E 24 42 13.0 O79 490 0292
Mandy ZR2AM CP 3 - De Doorns S 33 36 22.7 E 24 42 13.0 O72 645 8645
Nick ZS2NT CP 2 - Rietfontein S 33 30 13.6 E 24 18 46.2 O82 490 0824
Richard ZS2RA CP 2 - Rietfontein S 33 30 13.6 E 24 18 46.2 O82 802 3020





Baakens Valley MTB Event – 7 May 2011


A competitor takes the plunge on the Cross-country course...


....and gets up, dusts herself off and rides on...


...only to be repeated by another, soon thereafter...!


We have been requested to assist with communications for this event to be held in the Baakens Valley on 7 May 2011.  This is part of the National MTB Championships and also includes a Downhill discipline to be held over the period 6 – 8 May at Loerie.

 The event will be run from the grounds around the Badminton Hall behind the Gym on William Moffat. If anyone needs directions please contact me and I will assist.  The first race is scheduled to start at 08h00 with events throughout the day, ending at about 16h00.

 As we need to be ready by the first race I suggest we meet at the Badminton Hall at 07h00. We can have a quick briefing and then move to our designated positions.

 We will make use of Handhelds on simplex 145.550.  If anyone has a problem with this frequency please let me know so we can consider any changes.

 Below are some points to bear in mind with your preparation:

  1. As we are going to be on foot in the veld all day please ensure you have appropriate footwear and clothing (Sturdy shoes, hat, jacket, suncream)

  2. The long range weather forecast is for cool conditions with chance of showers, bring a rain jacket and also give some thought to protection for your radio equipment.

  3. I suggest you bring a snack and some water, although the organizers have made arrangements for lunch packs, it pays to be prepared.

  4. If you have any doubts regarding the battery life on your HT arrange with me to be placed in an area were you can use lower power.

  5. As this is a National Championship we should bear in mind that the competitors are not allowed to receive any outside assistance. They are only allowed to get help in the designated Tech zones.

  6. We will be expected to provide communications from the course back to the Start/Finish area, the event marshals will be briefed to approach you should they require messages to be passed on.

  7. It will probable be useful to introduce yourself to the marshals in your area once you are on station.

If anyone has any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me either vie e-mail or on 082 956 2920

Thanks in advance for your help see you on Saturday.

73  Tony  ZR2TX


Radio Volunteers:

ZR2JDV John de Villiers 083 383 5884
ZR2LLD Llise Dodd 076 282 3953
ZR2PTY Patsy Kruger 082 513 9493
ZR2TX Tony Allen 082 956 2920
ZS2G Andrew Grey 079 490 0292
ZR2AM Mandy la Mude 072 645 8645
ZS2JO Johannes Geldenhuis 082 320 3032
ZS2AG Ashley Goosen 082 372 6696
ZU2MC Keegan Crankshaw 082 381 8301
ZU2DK David Kops 074 447 1412
ZU2PL Pierre Labuschagne 083 611 7442
ZR2CRS Colin Schroder 082 376 3842


The JOC team!


Keagan (ZU2MC) and Patsy's son, the hungry soldier, Garth


ZR2JDV ready for wetness...


And if you wondered if they got wet in the rain....


Baakens Valley Course:


Blue line:  XC Course (arrows indicate direction of route)

Red line:  Emergency access for Ambulance (arrows indicate driving direction). 
While racing is in progress, ambulance may only drive in the direction indicated. 
Be careful of riders on the course.



Downhill race - Loerie

Beavan ZS2RL will take care of the Downhill race which will involve activity on all 3 days (6, 7, 8 May).  On Fri 6 and Sat 7 competitors will be practising
only, with the actual kamikazi race being on Sun 8.  The DHR is a timed event, with competitors leaving Start at timed intervals of 1 min. 

On Fri and Sat the only hams involved were - 
Start:  ZS2WG & ZS2BK (one vehicle)
Finish: ZS2RL
Paramedics: ZR2ES


The DHR Finish point in the Loerie forest area near Hankey
(ZR2ES and 6m pole plus slim-jim in attendance)

On Sun 8, because things will be more hectic, more radio ops are to be deployed along the race route (probably getting there on foot, and using HTs).

The final few hundred meters to the Start is a narrow track newly hacked out of the bush and there is a risk of scratching the vehicle.  Rain could
complicate matters.  Advisable to go in an old 4x4.  The Paramedics will be stationed a few 100 metres from the Finish - both points easily accessible
by vehicle.

The Downhill route



The Ironman - 10th April 2011

Once again volunteers were required to assist with radio comms for this special event held in the Port Elizabeth area.  The Ironman route is familiar to most locals, and is run through the suburbs of PE and outlying areas.  The main reason for radio operators this year was to assist wih the cycle leg of the event.   There were various checkpoints en route and comms was established from these points to the JOC, to relay penalties and other details, plus the usual safety information related to any incidents that may have occured.

Comms was established on the local 650 repeater (with some tehcnical difficulties... MURPHY!!)

Tony, ZR2TX was our PEARS organiser, seen here busy at the Transition Area


   Comments from Colin Shroder, ZR2CRS, our radio- ham- licenced referee and interface person:  

Good evening 

Once again a HUGE thank you to the rest of the PEARS TEAM on coming to the party at the 11th hr for the IRONMAN event, especially to Tony, Beavan and Chris, who lead the task team.
On the day to all the guys and girls at the manning points and especially to Johannes for shadowing Paul Wolff ( pity you did not bring a plate of food from the VIP tent for the rest of the group - jokes aside )

Apologies for not listing all of the PEARS members by name, but you all played a MAJOR part in the success of Sunday's event. This was a unanimously positive comment from the Triangle Sports Team and the race referees' - why did we not have radio comms before ?????

As the event has grown over the past 7 yrs and we reflected on previous race day cell phone communication - compared to yesterday's radio network comm, we cannot explain the GIANT LEAP made with PEARS contribution. It was in valuable !!!!!

The comms during the day to Paul Wolff as Race Director was instantaneous, informative and professional.

I am sure Triangle will be asking PEARS to provide the service again for the 2012 IRONMAN event ( plus 70.3 in E.L. and 5150 ??) . Paul do you have any additional comments to add ?

See you next week - looking forward to the positive & negative feedback which I can provide the TRIANGLE race committee.

Best Regards

Colin Schroder

Comments from Paul Wolff, Ironman race director:

Hi Guys

I just want to echo Colins comments, I think you guys made a huge difference to the race and can make a bigger difference in the future.






Fire Station JOC ZS2PG Paul  
Beach Hotel Media ZS2G
Hobie Beach Parking Transition ZR2TX Tony Llise ZR2LLD and Patsy ZR2PTY to assist
Marine Hotel Marine ZR2JVD
Move to University for run leg
Mount Pleasant Mt Pleasant ZS2AAW
Old Cash Store Cash Store ZS2RL
Move to Driftsands for run leg
Turnaround Turn Point ZS2BK
Schoenies Corner Schoenies ZS2ECH
Sweep Vehicle Sweep ZS2JO Johannes Race Director available on this callsign
Race Marshal   ZR2CRS Colin O82 376 3842
Beach Hotel Media ZS2G
University Back Gate University ZR2JDV
Driftsands Driftsands ZS2RL Beavan  
Hobie Beach Parking Transition ZR2TX Tony Llise ZR2LLD and Patsy ZR2PTY to assist
Fire Station JOC ZS2PG Paul  


Download the Swim Leg course here (Close-off time 09h20)

Download the Cycle Leg course here (Close-off time 17h30)

Download the Run Leg Course here (Close-off time 00h00)


Start of the swim leg


The leading lady at Mt Pleasant - 1st lap


Cash Store action on the Sardinia Bay Rd


Breakfast at the Cash Store - Mel (XYL of ZS2RL) and Ted, ZR2ES


PEARS's very own "iron man" Eric ZS2ECH at Schoenies!!


Carnival atmosphere at the S-bends during the run leg


The MEDIA ops - Mandy ZR2AM and Andrew ZS2G


The transition and media helpers, Patsy ZR2PTY and Llise, ZR2LLD


ZS2AAW including "WiFi mobile" at Mount Pleasant





The Addo Elephant Trail Run - 12th March 2011 

12  volunteers assisted with radio comms for this special event held in the Zuurberg mountain range.   


A competitor slogs it out up one of the many mountain climbs (near ZS2GV and ZR2JDV)






JOC and Finish point
Operating on 438.625MHz Repeater at CP07
Addo Park 05h30
Start Point     Kirkwood 05h30
CP01 Chris ZS2AAW Kabouga 06h00
CP02 Eric
Behind Kirkwood  
CP03     In the kloof  
CP04  with crossband filler - 145.225MHz Simplex Glen
Middle top  
CP05     On the top  
CP06 Rudi
ZR2RCG In the valley  
CP07  with temp repeater - 438.625MHz and 145.550MHz Simplex Andrew
Zuurberg Hotel 05h30
comms up!
CP08     Bottom of Zuurberg  Pass  


Ted, ZR2ES and Beavan ZS2RL, our "control" station


The control ladies - Patsy ZR2PTY and Llise ZR2LLD


The control "desk"


Social times around the braai fires at Mvubu camp site on Friday night
Janelle, Eric ZS2ECH, Isolda ZS2IW, Glen ZS2GV (standing), John ZR2JDV (already "in bed"!) 


Checkpoint 1 - with helpers Reece and Wayne assisting Chris ZS2AAW


The breakfast location overlooking the Sundays River at Mvubu camp site


Chris ZS2AAW busy cooking scrambled eggs, and Vanessa ZS2VS




Innovation Day - 20th February 2011

Starting at 13h00, a static display of equipment will be held at the Londt Park Sports fields, off Stella Londt drive, Port Elizabeth.  Please bring along anything of interest for display, or simply come and have a look.  
Following this, there will be a bring and braai, so come and join the social gathering for a good old chinwag!



Herald Mountain Bike Challenge - 5th February 2011

Approximately 15 Radio Amateurs assisted with safety communications for the event that took place in hot berg wind conditions today.  We provided backup communications for other services such as Medics and Ambulances in the difficult Zuurberg mountain terrain.  A temporary repeater was erected at the uppermost part oif the Zuurberg pass by Glen ZS2GV, and another "filler" cross-band repeater was erected lower down the pass by Andrew ZS2G, to improve penetration into the lower valleys into which the competitors descended.  The JOC operators accessed the network via their own local cross-band equipment, allowing them free roaming of the start/finish area, but total access to the network using a simple handheld radio.

By all reports, comms worked well within the radio amateur circles, and lessons were learnt as to how inter-communications with the medics and ambulances can be improved at future events.  Radio Amateurs have the means of providing temporary specialist coverage for such events, whereas the ambulance services use standard urban community repeater systems, which fail in difficult terrain such as this, which they are not designed to cover.


JOC Beavan
S 33.517361° E 25.666485° 05h30
Figtree Top Andrew
S 33.37817° E 25.71849° 05h30
Figtree Bottom Eric
S 33.367884° E 25.68669° 06h00
Zuurberg Top Chris
S 33.348579° E 25.735187° 06h00
Zuurberg Bottom Rob
None given 06h00
Ballingarry (Repeater)  Glen
S 33.308702° E 25.71878° 05h30



Rudi, ZR2RCG assists Rob, ZS2ROB to achieve
better antenna height in the bottom of the 
Zuurberg valleys...



ZR2PTY setting up comms equipment for the JOC


What the JOC actually looked like...!


Our two newest lady JOC operators, Patsy ZR2PTY and Llise ZR2LLD



The Herald 2011 Mountain Bike Challenge - Route map: