Supper evening - 4th May 2012

Approxiamtely 20 persons enjoyed the social evening held at the Italian Club.  Even though the group was small, the vibe was warm and very chatty.  



Ironman - 22nd April 2012


General Instructions

1. We will use the new 145.600 repeater for communications. A cross-band repeater will be in operation in the transition area to allow for the use of hand-held radios in that area. Communications from the turning point on Seaview Road are challenging on 600 so we might make use of 145.700 (linked to 145.600) after 9h00 when the club news is finished. Final frequencies for x-band will be confirmed with the intended users nearer the time. This will assist Johannes ZS2JO while moving around with Paul Wollf.
2. Operators will need to be in place before the Roads close at about 06:00. Please be aware that the beachfront is extremely congested in the morning so you need to take this into account with your planning. The operators who have special passes, ie. those outside the Beachfront, need to be on station by 07:00 at the latest. However please try be there earlier as you are not sure what problems you will encounter with the traffic.
3. Please ensure that your equipment is adequate to maintain secure communications for at least 12 hours. Outside positions must assume that they have no access to a power supply.
4. Detailed notes for each position are included below.
5. Those operators using their motor vehicle to ensure that they park so as not to draw attention to their vehicle (GM are a sponsor and will be on the lookout for Ambush Marketing)
6. Please note that we are not allowed to physically assist a competitor, even rubbing on sunscreen can lead to disqualification. This all falls under their "outside assistance" rules.
7. Medical emergencies should be referred to the JOC immediately. On the same note, if you have an Ambulance or Emergency vehicle at your location report this to the JOC, also if one passes report this including direction it was moving.
8. Any technical question raised by competitors should be forwarded to Transition and an answer will be obtained from the Organisers.
9. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me on 082 - 956 2920.

JOC - Walmer Boulevard Fire Station

Transition - Hobie Beach Parking (Inside Bike Park)

Penalty Tents - As listed Below

  1. Mount Pleasant

  2. Marine Hotel 
    Will be able to use handheld on X-Band via transition area.

Other Marshal points

  1. Cash Store

    General and emergency traffic relating to the safety of the route. Need to be on location early due to road closures. New 600 repeater covers this area well, however be prepared.

  2. Schoenies Corner

    Main purpose is emergency traffic to the JOC. Traffic authorities have communications problems from this point so we will assist them with communications to their control in the JOC. Antenna and mast advised however coverage by 145.600 is good.

  3. Turnaround Point - Sea View Road

    General and emergency information relating to the safety of the route. Antenna and mast needed. Best to approach this point from the Seaview side as the road from PE will probably be closed from early in the morning. Coverage by 145.600 not good, will try make it work otherwise need to use 145.700 linked.

  4. Rover Raceway (New Position subject to available operators)

    Purpose is to provide coverage of the route in that area as well as monitor traffic as there are movements planned down to Willows.

  5. Back of University

    Purpose is to provide coverage of the route in that area and to retain a presence during the run into the night. Coverage by 145.600 OK, but mast will be a good idea. Will be on location until at least 21h00.

  6. Race Director - Paul Wolff

Vehicle patrols the cycle route before race and needs to have contact with the JOC / Transition operators. Also provide shadow function (with Handheld) to Race Director (Paul Wolff) while he is out the vehicle.







Fire Station Liaison with Disaster Managment JOC ZS2AFB
Andrew Bower
Vaughan Rizzo
Alex Gogos
Must arrange to visit site beforehand, also install JOC race phone.
Hobie Beach Parking Transition - Penalty Control Transition ZR2TX
Tony Allen
Matthew Allen
Marine Hotel Penalty Tent Marine ZR2LLD
Llise Dodd
Patsy Kruger
Confirm frequency to use for x-band with ZR2TX.
Mount Pleasant Penalty Tent Mt Pleasant ZS2AAW Chris Scarr  
Old Cash Store Emergency Traffic Cash Store ZS2RL Beavan Gwilt  
Turnaround Emergency Traffic Turn Point ZR2ES
Ted Smook
Fred Leibach
Will either use 145.600 or 145.700 after 9am
Schoenies Corner Emergency Traffic Schoenies ZS2ECH
Eric Hosten
Isolda Williams
Will need mast and good antenna
Rover Raceway Emergency Traffic Rover ZS2RA
Richard Ashworth
Nick Thompson
University Emergency Traffic University  ZS2G
Mandy la Mude
Andrew Gray
Mandy la Mude
Will remain and provide cover during run leg
Race Director General Communications Race Director Paul Wolff

Johannes Geldenhuis
Confirm frequency to use for x-band with ZR2TX
Race Marshal     ZR2CRS Colin Schroder General information



Herald Mountainbike challenge - 4 February 2012  - Zuurberg area

If anyone wondered whether it was wet out there...








PEARS VHF/UHF Contest - January 2012

Thanks to Karel, ZR2KKK for these quality pics