PEARS produces a monthly club newsletter called QSX-PE.  It is mailed to all members, and many other clubs and societies.  Items of local interest, and some technical articles make up the publication, which is compiled and edited by Ulrich Ann ZR2A.

QSX Index:

A brand new release is this index compiled of all available back-dated editions as far as 1978.  The page is searchable for an articl name, or author, or edition, and gives the edition release date.  Scans of all old copies have been made available, and are accessible directly by clicking on the edition month link.



Back Issues of QSX:

Thanks to our editor, we can now offer recent issues of QSX-PE in electronic format (.pdf)  Right-Click on the month below and "save as".  To receive QSX directly via e-mail, become a member of PEARS and it can be emailed to you. For E-mailing, drop the Webmaster a message by emailing to webmaster[at]

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July-August 2019 - Our first edition from the new editor, Uli, ZR2A

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November - December 2020

January - March 2021  High res file (5MB)

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June - July 2021  Our first edition from the new editor, Ashley, ZS2AG

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