Past VW Rally Communications provided by PEARS

2010 pics

2011 pics


EVENT DATE: -  13-14 July 2012

Some views of the competitors
Allan ZS2R
Llise ZS2LLD

Out in the wet Longmore forest - end of stage 2

Making a plan for some shelter
Equipment marshal Ted, ZS2TED compares notes with Allan, ZS2R 
Equipment marshal Ludwig Zietsman and YL (Ted's mobile)

Stage 3 Finish


Colin, ZR2CRS

Stage 8 Finish


Colin, ZR2CRS

Stage 9 Midpoint pics from Clive, ZS2RT
Control op Patsy ZS2PTY and Tony, ZR2TX


Patsy is operating via  Tony's self-contained "radio box", weatherproofed, and can operate as a stand-alone cross-band setup complete with cooling fans, car battery etc

Tony is watching the sweep vehicle via UI-View and a 3G connection to ZS0NTP I-gate server

A very wet final stage - Kings Beach

Stage on the RHS from whence the PA announcements were made.  The actual course is through the yellow barriers on the LHS

Chief Marshal, Jacques ZR2JH taking shelter in ZS2AAW's mobile, Kings Beach...
...along with ZS2AAW, while the XYL gathers and passes times - oraganised hey!?!
Vanessa ZS2VS passing times to the PA operator Dick, ZS2RS, at the final stage - Kings Beach